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SOS0269 Wild Women - Massage - Ivy Rain & Davina Carrington

Redhead milf Davina Carrington has invited young busty brunette Ivy Rain back to her apartment. Poor Ivy has not had the best of days, so Davina suggests a nice relaxing oil massage for the younger woman.

Ivy arranges herself on the bed laying on her front as Davina oils up her hands before gently rubbing them over Ivy’s thick thighs and amazing ass. Davina tells her to relax and runs her hands over Ivy’s calves and feet. The redhead compliments her on her calves as she continues to run her oily hands all over Ivy’s sensational figure.

Davina starts to plant kisses on Ivy’s body before rubbing her feet and sucking her toes, as Ivy coos with pleasure. Davina goes body to body with Ivy as their feet intertwine as they begin kissing each other passionately as moans of pleasure escape their lips.

Davina grinds against Ivy as they continue kissing as they begin to trib slowly at first, gradually building in rhythm and tempo as the moans become louder and louder. Davina chokes Ivy and sticks her fingers in her mouth as they reach an audible mutual climax.

Ivy Rain wears white lacy bra and thong

Davina Carrington wears a black strappy bra and thong

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