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SOS0273 Dark and Intense - Ivy Satinee takes Yui - Spit Girl

The Asian beauty Yui makes her Sisterhood of Sin debut as she enters the SOS Dark and Intense room to meet ebony Italian beauty Ivy Satinee. The sultry Satinee is making a welcome return and is eager to get her hands on the new girl.

Ivy embraces Yui wrapping her strong arms and legs around her as she caresses her oil drenched skin. The Asian girl tries to pull away but she is firmly in the grasp and under the spell of the sultry siren.

Ivy runs her fingers over Yui’s face in a tantalising prelude of what is to come. She forces Yui down to the oil drenched mats and has her completely overpowered. Ivy continues to run her hands over Yui’s sexy body as she glides her fingers to Yui’s mouth and puts them in deep. Ivy cannot help to notice the effect this has on Yui as she opens her mouth wide allowing Ivy to get her fingers in deep.

As this sensual domination continues Ivy places her fingers into Yui’s mouth deeper and deeper, forcing the Asian girl to gag. The aptly monikered Spitgirl drools and the spit bubbles as the fingers repeatedly go deeper and deeper down into Yui’s throat forcing her eyes to roll into the back of her head.

Globules of spit congeal and dangle from the Ebony dominatrix’s fingers as she completely controls and immobilises Yui.

There is little Yui can do against the power and oozing sexuality of Ivy and submits completely and totally to the Italian.

Ivy Satinee wears a black lycra swimsuit

Yui wears a red lycra swimsuit

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