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SOS0274 Smother and Suffer - Blaze battles Lottie LaLay

Two contrasting beauties step onto the darkened Sisterhood of Sin mats as raven haired dancer Blaze looks into the eyes of blonde Lottie Lalay.

The SOS veteran Blaze mounts the newcomer Lottie and wraps those long dancer thighs around the new girl in tight scissors. Lottie tries to fight back and places her hand over Blaze’s mouth from the bottom to smother her, but Blaze is having none of it. They battle back and forth, neither wanting to give up.

Blaze delivers hand smothers of her own, and every time brave Lottie tries to fight back she is controlled by the powerful thighs of Blaze who wraps her legs around the blonde girl like coils of a snake.

Lottie loses steam as Blaze’s relentless assault drains the very life force from her and this enables Blaze to deliver even more punishment and more control with prolonged hand over mouth smothers.

Lottie’s face gets redder and redder, and the veins start to bulge on her forehead as the hand smothers get longer and longer and she struggles to get her breath as Blaze smothers her.

They are completely interlocked now in a tight catball as Lottie frantically tries to escape but she is at Blaze’s mercy who continues to make the new girl suffer.

Eventually a long prolonged hand smother saps Lottie to the point of exhaustion and she is out cold on the mats, completely spent.

Blaze wears black bra and panties with black pantyhose

Lottie LaLay wears white bra and panties with pantyhose

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