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SOS0277 Wild Women - Unleashed in Oil - Ivy Rain & Davina Carrington

Busty brunette Ivy Rain meets redhead Davina Carrington on the oily Sisterhood of Sin mats in this sizzling hot unleashed encounter. Both in CK Sports Bra and Panties they circle each other on the slippery mats both waiting to pounce. They go nose to nose as the anticipation grows hands running along oily skin.

The younger Ivy is tentative in the face of the experienced SOS stalwart Davina who slaps Ivy’s arms sizing them up for the struggle to come. She traps the brunette’s arm behind her back and smiles. Davina releases the arm and plays with Ivy’s long ponytail pulling it up and uses it to pull her to the oily mats.

After the slow build-up, there is an explosion of action as Davina takes Ivy down to the mats mounting her and locking into a slippery catball. They run their hands along their oil covered bodies and lock their thighs together and begin the grind.

They roll around the mats, they kiss and then Ivy mounts Davina and tribs her, causing moans of pleasure and indignation to emit from the redhead. As it becomes a full blown tribfight as they rub their pussies together. In this contest they are evenly matches until Davina uses Ivy’s ponytail once more flipping her over and mounting her from behind and slams her pussy into Ivy’s.

Pulling the ponytail, Davina tribs Ivy in the doggy position and causes the brunette’s breathing to quicken.Determined to finish the younger girl off, Davina flips her back over and grinds away, the moans to get louder as she trib fucks her to a loud orgasm, the oil causing the waves of sensation to be even more intense.

They kiss passionately, but Davina is not finished, as she takes Ivy from behind again and tribs again this time more sensually until both of these beautiful sexfighters share a mutual orgasm.

Davina Carrington wears a red CK sports bra and panties

Ivy Rain wears a white CK sports bra and panties

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