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SOS0279 Wild Women - Davina Carrington steals your wife - Lottie LaLay - Lesbian cuckold

The Sisterhood of Sin’s devious redhead Davina Carrington is on a mission as she enters the bedroom and finds married sexy blonde, Lottie LaLay on the bed. Davina challenges Lottie to a wrestling match with her marriage on the line, if Davina wins, then Lottie must become Davina’s wife.

Taking into account Davina’s obvious experience, size and power advantage, Lottie doesn’t hesitate in accepting the challenge. If she wants to stay married this is a decision she will come to regret.

Davina easily overpowers Lottie flipping and throwing her around the bed with ease all the time teasing tormenting Lottie with how she will pleasure and please her much better than her feeble useless husband.

Poor Lottie is forced to endure repeated smothers including hand over mouth, breast smothers and facesitting. The air is further driven from her lungs as Davina wraps her strong muscled arms around Lottie’s slender frame with powerful rib cracking bearhugs.

For further humiliation Davina rubs and glides her body over Lottie’s giving her a taste of what her future holds, she probes and teases Lottie’s mouth with her fingers and kisses her.

Davina’s intentions are obvious, she is going to beat Lottie and own her body and soul and force her to leave her husband and be her’s.

Eventually Lottie can take no more, Davina is elated and removes Lottie’s wedding ring, throwing it aside like rubbish, there is little Lottie or her absent husband can do. The pact was made and Lottie must live with the consequences.

Davina Carrington wears a black lycra leotard and black pantyhose

Lottie LaLay wears a white lycra leotard

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