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SOS0280 Wild Women - The Club - Ava Simone vs Mistress Kiana

Two powerful amazons make a welcome return to the Sisterhood of Sin mats as muscle goddesses, Ava Simone and Kiana face off in a standing test of strength and will.

These two dominant women share INCREDIBLE physiques. Before getting to grips on the SOS mats, they size each other up flexing and meeting eyes before locking up in a finger locked test of strength.

Kiana tries to intimidate Ava by turning her back and flexing her impressive biceps, but Ava is not impressed. These two stay on their feet throughout this clash and this really is the irresistible force meeting the immovable object as neither powerhouse is willing to give an inch.

They wrap incredibly strong arms around each other in strength sapping prolonged bearhugs and use steel leg muscles to push their rival to her limits and to try and lift them off their feet.

As sweat beads on their foreheads they elicit grunts and moans as they engage in standing arm wrestles, finger locked test of strength as they try to overpower and defeat their rival, but these are two dominant women who are not used to losing and neither is prepared to concede or give her rival an inch.

Ava Simone wears a black crop top and black french knickers with black leg warmers

Mistress Kiana wears a purple crop top and CK black panties with white leg warmers

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