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SOS0281 Smother and Suffer - SheelaKiller vs Echo Evangelista

Oil covers the Sisterhood of Sin mats as SheelaKiller faces off against Echo Evangelista in a Smother and Suffer match. With a new name appears to come a new ruthless attitude as blonde Sheela is ready to take it to a confident Asian raven haired Echo.

It starts off slow and sensual for a SOS Smother and Suffer match, but the tempo quickly gathers pace as they slip and slide over each other’s exquisite forms. Both women are clearly aroused from the off, but Sheela has clearly done her homework as she sticks her fingers into Echo aka Spitgirl’s mouth before slamming her crotch into the Asian girl’s forcing Echo to moan in pleasure.

Using the slippery oil Sheela grinds on top of Echo who tries to fit back, but any dominance on the black haired Echo is short lived as she struggles on the lubricated mats.

Sheela on the other hand takes full advantage simultaneously arousing with trib and punishing with hand over mouth smothers and pushing her fingers into Echo’s mouth.

All Echo can do is beg for mercy but Sheela is a woman on a mission as she slams her pubis bone into Echo’s until she can take no more and is out on the mats completely dominated and destroyed by her blonde assailant who is enjoying dominating the new girl.

SheelaKiller wears a red leopard print thong bikini

Echo Evangelista wears a black thong bikini

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