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SOS0282 Wild Women - Unleashed - Venom vs Davina Carrington

Two powerhouse veteran amazons step onto the Sisterhood of Sin mats as redhead Davina Carrington and blonde Venom square off in a tough and torrid Unleashed encounter.

Like wildcats these two launch at each other clawing at each other’s faces and pull hair as they roll around the mats trying to subdue and dominate their rival. They jostle for top position as they are completely intertwined with arms and legs as they claw at each other.

Both do their best to prevent the other from wrapping her thick powerful thighs and legs around each other in this all out war of epic SOS proportions.

Their cries of pain and grunts of exertion echo, as their faces go red from pain and the expenditure of energy as they battle.

It nearly looks all over for Davina when Venom manges to trap her in a triangle body scissor and headlock. The redhead can feel the blonde’s hot breath on her face as Venom plants small humiliating delicate kisses onto Davina’s contorted in pain face.

Ms Carrington manages to power out and escape but gets trapped again, this time tighter and panics as Venom tightens her grip, constricting her like a powerful anaconda, but this time there is no escape as the fight fades from Davina who is decimated by an Unleashed Venom.

Davina Carrington wears black bra and thong

Venom wears a green bra and thong

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