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SOS0283 Dark and Intense - Zoe Page vs Lottie LaLay

Redhead Zoe Page takes on blonde Lottie LaLay in this erotic Sisterhood of Sin Dark and Intense encounter. Both beautiful ladies begin fully clothed in the dark and oily SOS room.

This is a wild battle and both ladies are determined to win using every means at their disposal. They are locked in a catball as they rip their clothes off until they are both down to their underwear. They pull each other’s hair, spank, slap and grab at each other’s neck as they roll around the oily mats, both screaming in rage and pain.

They start to run their hands along sexy and slippery oily skin as they slam pubis bones and trib trying to tribfuck their rival into submission. They exchange passionate kisses whilst tribbing, they continue to claw and yank hair, as the tribbing pace quickens as their moans of pleasure now join the cries of pain.

These two pale beauties do not want to give an inch to their hated rival and as they tribbing faster they notice that when their hands are around their rivals neck that their arousal intensifies as they as they both try to make their opponent reach climax the grip on their neck tightens until they both explode in orgasm as the camera fades.

Lottie LaLay begins in a white blouse and black mini skirt before being stripped to red bra and knickers

Zoe Page begins in a red satin dress before being stripped to blue bra and knickers

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