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SOS0284 Dark and Intense - Goddess Anastaxia takes Echo Evangelista

Blonde dominant Goddess Anastaxia takes new SOS Asian sensation, Echo Evangelista, to the Dark & Intense den in this sexy and sizzling encounter.

The experienced domina easily overpowers the Sisterhood of Sin newcomer and pins her to the mat with her magnificent figure. She places her hand over Echo’s mouth and hand smothers her, chokes her and starts to probe inside the Asian girl’s mouth with her fingers forcing Echo to gag.

Poor Echo is powerless to resist as she is completely dominated, and completely seduced by the beauty of Anastaxia like so many before her. This allows the sexy and busty blonde to continue to choke, smother and force her fingers deep into Echo’s mouth forcing her to drool.

The punishment continues until Anastaxia becomes bored as she submits Echo with a rear naked choke and rams her fingers knuckle deep into her mouth leaving her used, humiliated and defeated on the oily tarp.

Goddess Anastaxia wears a black lycra swimsuit

Echo Evangelista wears a red lycra swimsuit

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