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SOS0285 Wild Women - Leather Thieves - Lola Marie vs Storm

Updated: Jan 2

Sneaky blonde leather clad thief, Storm is on a job but as she rifles through a drawer, she is interrupted by busty leather clad rival thief, Lola Marie. Neither lady is too pleased to see her rival doing the same criminal enterprise and battle in their leather outfits to see who gets to complete the job in this Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women encounter.

The blonde and raven haired beauties pat each other down and frisk their leathers before duking it out. They use and grab their opponent’s leathers to move them around and pin them against the office walls.

They wrap strong leather clad arms around each other in rib crushing bearhugs as they battle to see who is going to be the top thief. They each try to pin their opponent up against the wall in test of strengths and pick each other up off their feet in bearhugs.

When they find themselves locked in combat on the desk, Storm wraps her legs around Lola Marie in a tight scissorhold squeezing the air from her lungs.

Beads of sweat start to form on Storm from the intense power struggle and hot tight leathers as she exerts all her effort to subdue her rival Lola. As this war wages one is finally forced to her knees in a fingerlocked test of strength and forced to concede this battle and let her opponent have this job, but there is always next time.

Storm wears a shiny black leather jacket, shiny black leather trousers and high heeled black leather boots

Lola Marie wears a shiny black leather jacket, shiny black leather trousers and high heeled black leather boots


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