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SOS0286 Smother and Suffer - Davina Carrington takes Irish Essie

Redhead Davina Carrington likes nothing more than introducing new ladies to the Sisterhood of Sin, and today she has petite blonde Irish Essie to play with.

The new girl looks scared as she faces off against the experienced Davina on the darkly lit SOS mats, things do not bode well if Irish Essie is that scared before the powerhouse redhead has even got her hands on her.

Davina makes her intentions clear as she hand smothers Essie and smells her face as the wide eyed rookie struggles in vain. But Davina wants to have her way with this scared little blonde and easily overpowers her.

Essie doesn’t know what to do as Davina traps her in a camel clutch and places her hands over the blonde’s mouth whilst testing her flexibility whilst leaning back, torquing her back.

Davina doesn’t even break a sweat as she torments Essie with ease, wrapping her thick thighs around her tiny waist and repeatedly smothering her. Just when you think that Essie’s eyes can get no wider, they do as she realises what the dastardly Davina has in store for her.

It’s safe to say that Davina enjoyed having a new toy to play with, smother and making her suffer, Essie looks relieved when her ordeal is over.

Davina Carrington wears a strappy black bra and thong

Irish Essie wears a white floral patterned bra and sheer thong.

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