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SOS0289 Dark and Intense - Davina Carrington takes SheelaKiller

Petite blonde SheelaKiller has been growing in confidence, but she doesn’t look too confident going into this Sisterhood of Sin Dark and Intense encounter against powerful redhead Davina Carrington.

These two SOS stalwarts look fantastic in the slippery and glistening oil as they get to grips with each other in this erotically charged encounter.

Dominant Davina licks Sheela’s face before running her hands over the blonde’s toned but petite frame. Sheela moans as Davina spreads her legs and runs her hand seductively over her pussy.

Davina pulls her in close from behind and kisses the back of Sheela’s neck before trapping her in a hammerlock to control her and cause her pain. Once Davina has her prey exactly where she wants her to slowly starts to thrust against her, tribbing and letting the viscous oil do its work on an aroused Sheela.

Davina maintains pussy to pussy contact throughout as she fishhooks, camel clutches, chokes and hand smothers Sheela causing a fair amount of pain to accompany the waves of pleasure coursing through the blonde.

A final orgasmic handsmother spells the end for Sheela at the hands of a sexually and physically dominant Davina.

Davina Carrington wears a black lycra swimsuit

SheelaKiller wears a white lycra swimsuit

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