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SOS0290 Wild Women - Wife vs Mistress - Ivy Satinee vs Ava Austen

Statuesque blonde Ava Austen sits on the sofa waiting for her husband’s mistress, busty Italian, Ivy Satinee in this Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women encounter.

When Ivy enters Ava immediately asks her outright if she is fucking her husband, and Ivy initally denies it. But after they discuss it some more she comes clean and the two beautiful women start to argue.

Their verbal sparring becomes physical as they lock hands in a test of strength still sat on the sofa. Evenly matches Ivy takes a different approach and removes Ava’s blouse revealing her large bust barely contained by her bra and Ava returns the favour exposing Ivy’s impressive assets.

They wrap their arms around each other in a tight bearhug and push their breasts together and squeeze each trying to prove they are stronger, then another fingerlock test of strength, but neither can decisively overpower the other.

They stand removing their unbuttoned blouses and go into a standing bearhug mashing their bodies together, removing their skirts they lock up again before taking it down to the floor. Now their bodies are completely entwined as they roll about each trying to overpower the other.

They stand again and squeeze each other in tight bearhugs against the wall and Ava deep kisses a shocked Ivy who enjoys it.

They go back to the floor their legs completely interlocked as they continue kissing each other, moaning with pleasure, they begin to trib the friction from their pantyhose heightening the warm waves of arousal into their pussies until neither can take no more as they share a sweaty mutual orgasm on the carpet.

Ava Austen wears a black blouse, black mini skirt, nude pantyhose and black high heels before being stripped down to black bra and black thong.

Ivy Satinee wears a black and white striped blouse, white mini skirt, black pantyhose and metallic red high heels before being stripped down to black bra and black thong.

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