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SOS0292 Wild Women - The Club - Venom vs Storm

Two experienced powerhouse blondes square off in this Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women encounter as Venom and Storm compare power in this all out test of strength war.

Venom and Storm are both dominant, skilled and strong, neither likes to lose, so they step onto the SOS mats to match power.

They begin with a fingerlock test of strength, their muscles straining as they try to overpower the other, Storm forces Venom against the wall, but Venom powers out and reverses it forcing black clad Storm against the wall instead.

Evenly matched they try a standing arm wrestle instead with their biceps straining but neither can gain the advantage. Next is standing bearhugs, they wrap their strong arms around each other’s taunt midsections and lift their rival from her feet. But again they are two evenly matched.

After more standing tests which all prove indecisive they take it down to the mats their bodies completely interlocked as they try to overpower the other. As they catball rolling around the mats they use their strong legs to scissor and strong arms to bearhug their opponent.

Beads of sweat begin to form from the exertion and effort as they battle. After painful thigh scissors there is still not a victor so the two proud warrior women agree to meet again to settle who is the strongest.

Storm wears a shiny black latex swimsuit

Venom wears a red white and blue lycra swimsuit

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