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SOS0293 Dark and Intense - Davina Carrington takes Lola Marie

Busty black goddess Lola Marie makes her first foray into the Dark and Intense lair for the Sisterhood of Sin and finds herself in the tight grip of SOS veteran redhead Davina Carrington.

They run their hands over each other’s oil soaked skin and as Lola naively thinks this will be a soft sensual encounter she soon finds out that Davina has other ideas as she takes Lola down to the slick tarpaulin and places a hand over her mouth smothering her.

Davina sticks her fingers into Lola’s mouth which makes her back arch with pleasure and Davina envelops her with her body, their feet entwined. Lola struggles but Davina is too powerful and the smothers and chokes take their toll restricting her breathing.

Davina kisses Lola, and runs her hand down in between Lola’s legs causing Lola to moan with pleasure. The redhead obviously appreciates Lola’s beautiful big tits as she rubs, teases and squeezes them.

As it progresses Davina does what she does best, sensually dominating, seducing and destroying the sexy Lola whose lingeries struggles to contain her massive assets.

A final hand smother spells the end for Lola who has been well and truly owned in the oil by Davina who leaves her a spent, seduced and slick with oil in the Dark and Intense lair.

Davina Carrington wears a black strapped bra and thong

Lola Marie wears black bra and thong

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