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SOS0294 Smother and Suffer - Blaze dominates Ivy Satinee

Italian buxom beauty Ivy Satinee must have thought she was going to have an easy day on the Sisterhood of Sin mats when she saw her opponent was lithe dancer, Blaze.

Ivy is an experienced powerful wrestler who has faced much tougher opposition, but as Ivy is about to find out you should never make assumptions when stepping onto the SOS mats.

They lock up and its Blaze who ends up on top pulling busty Ivy’s hair and wrapping those insanely powerful calves spreading the Italian wide. She places her hand over Ivy’s mouth in a deep hand over mouth smother, sapping the strong Italian’s strength and it is an initial assault from which the visitor from Europe does not recover.

Blaze is fully in control wrapping strong arms around Ivy’s neck and using those dancer toned leg muscles to control, spread and scissor her more powerful opponent.

The black beauty’s eyes widen as she realises the trouble she is in and that Blaze has her completely at her mercy. Blaze continues to smother Ivy not only with her hands, but also with her feet demonstrating her flexibility and her confidence by sitting on her face.

Ivy struggles to breath and get oxygen into her lungs to fight back as Blaze completely smothers her, making her suffer, making the Italian cry out in pain when she wraps those muscled thighs around her in body scissors.

The merciful end comes up with Blaze sat on her back rubbing her feet over the Italian’s face, who is a dejected and humiliated form on the mats.

Blaze wears a black bikini

Ivy Satinee wears a zebra print black and white bikini

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