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SOS0297 Wild Women - Neighbours - Ava Simone vs Davina Carrington

Two beautiful neighbours, redhead Davina Carrington and blonde hard bodied Ava Simone meet on the oil soaked tarpaulin at the Sisterhood of Sin to settle their differences.

These two ladies are no strangers to SOS or to each other and their sexual chemistry is meteroric.

Ava makes the first move taking Davina’s back and pulling her hair, before they lock up and go down in the oil in an intimate catball with Ava’s pantyhose clad legs entangled with Davina’s.

They roll around the mats, locked together, slipping and sliding in the oil, their ample breasts pressed together, their eyes locked and their hands exploring the other’s oil slick skin.

Their skin glistens in the oil which accentuates the contours of their impressive bodies, heightening the sensations both women are feeling. They begin to grind against each other, the close contact arousing them. As they trib their moans become louder as the warmth from their pussies begins to create uncontrolled sensations.

They pull at each other’s swimsuit as they continue to be locked together in an intimate catball. Ava wraps her muscled legs around Davina’s taunt stomach in a painful bodyscissors and then a headscissors weakening her.

The blonde takes Davina’s back, spreads her legs and reaches her hand inbetween the redhead’s legs rubbing her pussy. Davina begs her to stop, but Ava spreads her legs wider and continues rubbing, kissing Davina’s neck.

She folds the British woman up exposing her amazing bum before straddling her face in absolute ecstasy.

Ava Simone wears a leopard print lycra swimsuit with black pantyhose

Davina Carrington wears a white lycra swimsuit with tan pantyhose

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