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SOS0301 Smother and Suffer - Storm takes Lottie LaLay

Two sexy blonde wives have agreed to meet up to settle their differences in a darkened room in this Sisterhood of Sin Smother and Suffer encounter. It is red CK clad Storm who strikes first against Lottie LaLay (who is looking sizzling hot in her white bra and panties) taking her down to the mats.

The more experienced Storm takes Lottie’s back and traps her in a hand smother draining Lottie’s breath and stamina. A determined Lottie desperately tries to fight off Storm, and does manage to gain brief periods of respite, but Storm is too strong for her and repeatedly smothers Lottie causing her face to redden.

Everytime Storm’s hand is placed over Lottie mouth her eyes widen as she knows she will be gasping for breath in this fight for survival, there is no sensuality here as Storm is out to destroy her rival wife for having the audacity to challenge her superiority.

Poor Lottie flails and struggles desperate to escape, but Storm is too strong as she uses her hands, arms and legs to control and inevitably dismantle Lottie who is completely outmatched and destroyed.

Lottie LaLay wears a white bra and panties set

Storm wears red CK bra and thong

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