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SOS0302 Wild Women - The Club - Bodybuilder Denise vs BJJ black belt Venom

Two blonde Amazons step onto the Sisterhood of Sin mats to test their strength against each other in figure hugging lycra as the sculpted physique of bodybuilder Denise challenges the BJJ veteran Venom.

This is an SOS war of attrition as these two powerhouses lock hands each trying to overpower the other. Denise’s muscles are clearly visible as she uses all her strength to try to outmuscle Venom, but Venom is able to match the muscle girl’s power with her own incredible strength.

Sweat is clearly visible on Denise’s swimsuit from the exertion of the contest, as these two are equally matched in standing arm wrestle, collar and elbow tie ups and standing bearhugs which make each other groan in pain as their ribs are crushed by insanely powerful biceps.

When it goes to the mats the two rivals are still equally matched as they continue to crush each other in powerful bearhugs and their crushing thighs are wrapped together in scissors.

Locked and entangled together in a catball neither is able to obtain the advantage as their breathing becomes more laboured due to the exertion of the contest. Denise nearly gets Venom to submit to a thigh scissor but Venom escapes and applies one of her own to Denise’s tanned muscular thigh.

Will one submit? Or will they fight again?

Denise wears a white, purple and pink lycra Leohex swimsuit

Venom wears a red, white and blue lycra Leohex swimsuit

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