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SOS0303 Wild Women - Office Rivals - Lola Marie and Ivy Rain

Two busty work colleagues Lola Marie and Ivy Rain meet in this erotic Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women encounter as they settle their differences Woman to Woman.

Lola Marie is sat at her desk when Ivy Rain enters her office and wants to have a chat. It is obvious that the brunette means business and confronts Lola Marie over them seeing the same man. She pulls the black haired beauty to her feet by her hair and demands her skirt back. Lola ridicules her and pins Ivy to the wall.

When they separate Ivy traps Lola in a full nelson and tries to remove her blouse revealing her bra and impressive cleavage. When Lola escapes from the bearhug she is trapped in she completely removes Ivy’s blouse and pushes her breasts into Ivy’s. Their impressive cleavages are smashed together. Lola removes Ivy’s skirt revealing her pantyhose and panties. Lola’s top is removed and they trap each other in a mutual bearhug.

Ivy removes Lola Marie’s skirt revealing her pantyhose and thong. Now that they are both undressed the encounter takes an erotic turn as they begin to trib standing against the wall and then taking it to the desk. The friction from their pantyhose creating waves of pleasurable sensation. The squeaks of the desk matches their breathing and moans, as they reach a satisfying climax.

But it is obvious by the end that they haven’t resolved their differences as Ivy saunters off and Lola Marie returns to her work.

Ivy Rain wears glasses, black blouse, leopard print skirt, pantyhose and black high heels, before being stripped down to black bra, black panties and pantyhose

Lola Marie wears glasses, white blouse, brown leather skirt, pantyhose and black high heels, before being stripped down to black and gray bra, black thong and pantyhose


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