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SOS0304 Dark and Intense - Ava Simone takes Echo Evangelista

A slippery sexy Sisterhood of Sin Dark and Intense encounter, as a supreme seductress blonde Ava Simone tastes fresh meat in the form of raven haired new girl Echo Evangelista.

From the off it is apparent that Echo is slightly in awe of the SOS veteran Ava Simone, who at first is gentle with the newcomer gently caressing her face and eliciting small gasps of pleasure from Echo.

Ava pins her down to the oil tarp and grinds on top of her whilst kissing and choking her. Echo is already putty in the hands of Ava. They kiss deeply and Ava sticks her fingers deep into Echo’s mouth and fishhooks her all the time writhing and grinding on top of her.

Ava slaps Echo’s face reminding the black haired beauty who is in control before breast smothering her. Ava ramps up the intensity as she pinches Echo’s nose closed and sticks her fingers knuckle deep into her mouth before finger fucking her mouth.

Ava takes Echo’s back wrapping her oily muscled legs around her and locks in a rear naked choke. Hand smothers and more fingers deep into Echo’s mouth follows and more deep kissing.

A final breast smother and kiss ends this sensual oily domination and smothering between two contrasting but equally sexy ladies.

Ava Simone wears a black lycra swimsuit

Echo Evangelista wears a red lycra swimsuit

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