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SOS0307 Smother and Suffer - Davina Carrington takes Epiphany Jones

SOS redhead Davina Carrington likes nothing more than inducting sexy newcomers into the Sisterhood of Sin. Today her plaything is debuting blonde milf Epiphany Jones. This super cute blonde doesn’t know what she is in for as she meets the bigger and stronger Davina in a darkened bedroom.

Long time Sisterhood fans will know that Davina likes to seduce and destroy other women, arousing them and then punishing them with hand smothers and sticking her fingers into their mouths.

Epiphany finds out she is not an exception to this treatment as we are witness to a Davina Carrington masterclass is sexy and merciless smother domination.

Epiphany’s face is licked, fingers probe her mouth and her pussy testing her wetness before her hair is pulled back and Davina’s big strong hands are placed over her mouth in prolonged handsmothers cutting off her oxygen supply.

Davina goes a step further pushing Epiphany’s head into the bed and smothering her. All this sweet blonde milf can do is moan and wail as Davina dishes out the punishment and the pleasure.

Epiphany’s beautiful features are contorted and her eyes wide as she is inducted into the Sisterhood of Sin by Davina at her best.

Epiphany Jones wears a metallic pink lingerie with suspender belt

Davina Carrington wears a black bra and thong

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