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SOS0309 Wild Women - Assassins in Leather - Goddess Anastaxia vs Davina Carrington

Two leather clad Assassins face off in this Wild Women Sisterhood of Encounter as SOS veterans, Davina Carrington and Goddess Anastaxia glare at each other across the room.

The two women lock in a standing arm wrestle before transitioning to a fingerlock test of strength, they both look totally badass clad in their leather outfits. When neither is able to gain an advantage they begin choking each other with their leather gloves.

The prolonged mutual choking brings both ladies to their knees, before they end up on the floor locked in a tight catball. As they wrap strong thighs around each other and grip each other in a tight bearhug their guttural cries of rage and pain echo around the room as they roll in a python type embrace.

They pull each other’s hair, scissor each other and choke each other with the leather gloved hands. The hot tight leather arouses both women as they begin to grind and trib each other with their eyes locked and their bountiful breasts mashed together.

Goddess Anastaxia wears long shiny black leather gloves, lycra black tank top, black cotton leggings and black leather boots

Davina Carrington wears black leather gloves, black halter top, black leather trousers and black leather boots.

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