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SOS0310 Wild Women - School Reunion - Beth Bennett vs Miss Emily

Two beautiful blonde powerhouses make their Sisterhood of Sin debut as muscle girl Miss Emily takes on Beth Bennett in a SOS Wild Women encounter.

These two strong sexy ladies begin by comparing thighs and biceps before locking up in a finger locked test of strength. When neither can gain advantage they lock up in a mutual bearhug wrapping their strong arms around each other mashing their big breasts together.

They go down to the mats and engage in mutual thigh scissors wrapping their thick thighs around each other trying to crush and bruise their opponents.

Locked in a catball on the mats, it becomes a battle of their thighs as they try to weaken each other with grapevines, bodyscissors and more thigh scissors.

As the muscle draining battle wears on one beautiful blonde begins to weaken and her opponent takes full advantage pouring on the punishment with more thighscissors and then a grapevine which spells doom for her sexy rival who is left spent on the mats.

But will it be the muscle powerhouse or the New Zealand beauty who picks up the win in their SOS debut?

Beth Bennett wears a cheetah print barely containing bra and matching thong

Miss Emily wears a red sheer thong body

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