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SOS0312 Smother and Suffer - Storm takes Irish Essie

Petite blonde Irish Essie is all smiles at the start of this Sisterhood of Sin Smother and Suffer encounter, but the smiles are not going to last long as her opponent is the experienced grappler, Storm who leaves behind her a trail of defeated victims.

The strong SOS veteran Storm easily takes the new girl down to the mats in a darkened room and places her hand over Essie’s mouth, smothering her and restricting her air supply whilst wrapping her strong legs around Essie’s to control her.

The new girl resists kicking her legs, but is nowhere near strong enough to move the bigger and vastly more experienced Storm.

Storm is relentless in positioning Essie exactly where she wants her and placing her hand over her mouth smothering her. Essie tries to escape but she is completely at the mercy of Storm.

The Irish girl’s face gets redder and redder as she desperately tries to suck air into her lungs. Her eyes roll back into her head as she starts to go under from lack of oxygen. In the end she is spent on the mats as Storm smiles after taking great pleasure toying with Essie and smother dominating her into submission.

Irish Essie wears white bra and panties

Storm wears a orange CK bikini

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