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SOS0313 Wild Women - The Club - Lola Marie vs Storm

Sisterhood of Sin veteran, blonde powerhouse Storm welcomes SOS newcomer, busty Ebony Goddess Lola Marie to the Club to see who is the stronger.

They immediately lock in a fingerlock test of strength on the mats, they use their powerful thighs to try and position the other, each forcing the other to the wall but neither is able to obtain a clear advantage.

Next they compare strength with a standing arm wrestle both tensing their muscles grunting from the exertion in trying to over power their rival, neither is able to gain an advantage with a collar and elbow ties up either, so evenly matched are these two beautiful and determined women.

They each try to crush each other with bearhugs lifting their rival from their feet, mashing their breasts together and causing the other to cry out in pain as their ribs are trapped beneath powerful biceps.

They take it to the mat locked together in a catball and try to crush the other’s legs with thigh scissors. They roll around the mat locked together desperately seeking anyway to obtain an advantage over their rival, using every ounce of strength in their sexy taut bodies. They grunt and groan with the exertion and effort but it is clearly a stalemate so evenly matched are these sexy powerful women.

Eventually they both lay on the mats panting for breath neither able to obtain an advantage and they agree to meet again to see who is the stronger woman.

Lola Marie wears a red lycra thong swimsuit

Storm wears a black lycra thong swimsuit

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