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SOS0314 Wild Women - School Wars - Lara vs Davina Carrington

In this Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women encounter, redhead Davina Carrington portrays a disgruntled parent who has been summoned to speak to the teacher. The teacher is none other than sultry Italian superstar, Lara making her SOS debut.

The two women argue, and Lara has enough of Davina’s snobbish attitude and bends her over and slaps her ass. The two women agree to settle their differences and Davina removes Lara’s glasses and white blouse and they kick off their shoes.

They grab each other’s hair and start pulling it and slap each other’s asses. Lara throws Davina to the sofa, buying her time to remove her skirt as they continue to pull hair, until Davina grabs Lara’s pussy. After a momentary shock the Italian throws Davina to the mat and traps her in a grapevine spreading her wide.

Davina removes her crop top and leggings and gets facesat by Lara for her troubles. They continue to fight using hair pulling, breast grabbing, scissorholds, grapevines and slaps.

As the combat continues both women begin to get aroused and begin to grind against each other, rubbing their pussies together. Their moans become louder until finally one can take no more. As punishment for losing, the loser is bent over the sofa and suffers the indignity of stinging slaps to her bare ass causing immediate redness before they share a passionate kiss.

An amazing SOS debut for the sexy Italian, Lara.

Davina Carrington wears a black lycra workout vest, black lycra leggings and sneakers before stripping off to purple bra and thong

Lara wears glasses, white blouse, black mini skirt and black high heels before stripping down to red bra and thong, black suspender belt and black stockings

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