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SOS0315X Wild Women - Wife vs Mistress - Ivy Satinee vs Davina Carrington

Sexy ebony Italian, Ivy Satinee plays an angry wife in this Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women encounter as she confronts her husband’s mistress portrayed by redhead Davina Carrington.

The two women in true SOS fashion decide to battle it out over their man. They lock fingers in a test of strength sitting on the sofa. Before standing straining their thighs and biceps in an attempt to overpower their rival.

When this doesn’t work they engage in a mutual bearhug mashing their large breasts together through their blouses. They take it to the carpet completely entangled in a catball as they wrap their arms and legs together as they roll trying to dominate their rival. Their pantyhouse clad legs cause their rival to moan in pain as they clasp around each other.

In the exterion of their combat causes beads of sweat to form on their foreheads as they continue to scissor, bearhug and catball on the floor. The sweat drips from Ivy’s forehead and falls into the massive crevasse of her massive breasts.

Eventually one woman is pinned down to the carpet and is unable to shift her rival who removes her blouse, skirt and one of her stockings. The winner uses the stocking to tie the loser’s hands behind her back. As the winner gloats celebrating her victory but will if be the wife or mistress who wins this hot wild women encounter.

Davina Carrington wears a white blouse, black skirt, black stockings and black ballet flats before being stripped down to white bra, panties and one stocking

Ivy Satinee wears a black blouse, leopard print skirt, black stockings and black ballet flats.

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