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SOS0322 Wild Women - I steal your wife - Davina Carrington steals Ivy Rain

In this custom scene we begin with Sisterhood of Sin regular, Ivy Rain celebrating her wedding day resplendent in her wedding dress speaking to her husband. There is a knock at the door and catsuit clad SOS founder, Davina Carrington enters.

The dastardly redhead, Davina has come to steal your wife, Ivy Rain away from you. She pulls the brunette up by her long ponytail and teases her by bringing her lips closer to hers and licking her lips. They kiss and already your wife has cheated on you on your wedding day. Davina runs her hands over Ivy’s body as she tells you that she is going to make you watch whilst she steals your wife. She unzips Ivy’s wedding dress and the camera cuts away and Ivy is in a skin tight red lycra catsuit as Davina brings her in close for a kiss before positioning her against the wall and running her hands once again over Ivy’s shapely form.

Davina rubs her thigh between Ivy’s legs making her gasp from the friction, as her breathing becomes quicker and her moans louder. Davina lifts her to the sofa and the two begin to trib, the friction of their catsuits sending waves of pleasure to both women.

You are forced to watch as they grind against each other, their moans becoming louder as they kiss and run their hands along each other’s bodies. They trib around the room on the sofa, against the wall and on the carpet until they climax together.

Davina then as Ivy takes a knee places a ring on her finger, the theft of your wife by Davina is complete and on your wedding day no less.

A final trib and orgasm for Ivy and her heart, body and soul belong to Davina as they kiss in front of you.

Davina Carrington wears a black lycra catsuit and black leather boots

Ivy Rain initially wears a wedding dress and then a red lycra catsuit and black leather boots

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