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SOS0324 Dark and Intense - Ivy Satinee vs Lottie LaLay

Brave blonde, Lottie LaLay improves every time she steps onto the Sisterhood of Sin mats, she bravely faces off against any opponent, today it is SOS regular visitor, Ivy Satine on the Dark and Intense oily tarpaulin.

The two jockey for position on their knees before the Italian is able to wrap her powerful arms around Lottie’s waist in an oily bearhug eliciting a groan of pain from the British beauty. The Italian powerhouse continues to crush Lottie’s waist whilst smashing her large breasts into Lottie’s.

Ivy takes her down to the mats, and smothers Lottie beneath her, catballed slipping and sliding in the oil. Lottie tries to reverse it but Ivy is too strong and experienced and flips her back over every time.

Ivy runs her hands along Lottie’s body, enjoying her dominance over the British girl. She kisses Lottie’s face and grinds on top of her eliciting moans of pleasure from Lottie who can only do her best to fight back against the dogged Italian warrior.

Ivy does an excellent job of controlling Lottie and grinds on top of her, Lottie tribs furiously back sensing this is her only chance, but the Italian is too experienced and is determined to make poor Lottie cum.

You can see the desperation building in Lottie’s face as Ivy continues to grind away, as the blonde can feel it mounting inside her until Ivy tribs an orgasm from Lottie who is embarrassed and spent on the tarpaulin at the hands of the more experienced competitor.

Ivy Satine wears a black lycra swimsuit

Lottie LaLay wears a white lycra swimsuit

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