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SOS0325 Wild Women - Unleashed - Bianca Blanche vs SheelaKiller

Our Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women Unleashed format suits dominant toned Bianca Blance perfectly and SOS regular SheelaKiller is hoping that the slick oil on the mats will prove to be an equaliser blunting Bianca’s superior wrestling skill and muscular body.

The dark haired Bianca, and blonde Sheela lock up running their hands of each other’s oily bodies, before they take it down to the mats and Bianca tests Sheela’s famed flexibility with a camel clutch before wrapping those rock hard thighs around the blonde’s midsection in a tight body scissors.

Sheela does manage to use the oil to her advantage and slides out of trouble. But Bianca is relentless, catching Sheela again and inflicting pain, but Sheela manages to escape as they catball across the slippery mats.

Bianca doesn’t get to dominate as Sheela is feisty and Bianca has to resort to using her sultry charms to assist in taming Sheela, running her hands over the blonde’s body seductively and causing her to moan in pleasure. Sheela responds by sucking on Bianca’s ear and causing her nipples to go hard.

The close proximity of their bodies as they catball causes pleasure sensations which neither woman can ignore, the violence and ferocity is punctuated by moments of kissing, finger sucking and sensual rubbing before they once again attack each other trying to dominate their rival.

Eventually neither woman can ignore the warm feelings emanating within and trib each other causing moans of pleasure until one succumbs to her rival experiencing an intense orgasm.

They share a deep and lingering kiss before the winner poses with a foot on her rival’s pussy signifying her victory and physical and sexual superiority.

Bianca Blance wears a green bra and thong

Sheela Killer wears a black CK bra and thong

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