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SOS0326 Wild Women - Housewives at War - Beth Bennett vs Davina Carrington

Two housewives meet on an oily Sisterhood of Sin mat in an outright war, wearing just pantyhose, panties and bras which barely constrain their considerable assets.

It’s SOS founder redhead Davina Carrington against blonde bombshell Beth Bennett in this sizzling hot Wild Women encounter.

They immediately launch at each other pulling each other’s hair and sliding around on the oily mat. They slap each other’s shapely asses and wrap pantyhose legs around each other as they slip and slide over each other’s sexy bodies.

They sit on each other’s faces, trap each other in bodyscissors and stretch and bend each other’s bodies as they battle it out. As the war intensifies they maul each other’s crotches and trib to try and distract each other. Oil soaked hair is pulled and yanked as they trash talk to each other.

Due to their struggles, nipples peek out of bras as they trap each other in headscissors and they again place oil soaked pantyhose on their rival’s face when face-sitting.

Eventually one proud housewife has to concede as she can take no more punishment submitting to a bodyscissor between her rival’s pantyhose covered thighs. But the winner isn’t finished and decides to punish the loser further by making her cum. The winner tribs the loser then uses her hand to stimulate her sensitive pussy as the loser moans out an orgasm at the hands of the winner.

The loser holds her weak pussy as the winner gloats, satisfied that she has made her point to her rival that she is the superior woman.

Beth Bennett wears gray bra and panties with black pantyhose

Davina Carrington wears a turquoise bra and panties with black pantyhose

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