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SOS0329 Wild Women - The Snake - Blaze takes Lottie LaLay

Blaze is back as the Snake to the Sisterhood of Sin, completely encased in pantyhose so languishes on the SOS mats. The shiny encasement accentuates her toned dancer physique as she stretches out.

The raven haired beauty curls into a ball as she awaits to ambush her prey. The prey in question is the beautiful blonde, Lottie LaLay.

Lottie has only just made it onto the mats when the Snake Blaze strikes wrapping her muscled legs around Lottie’s waist and taking her back. Blaze is completely coiled around Lottie who flails desperately struggling to get her breath and unable to escape the Snake’s clutches.

The raven haired beauty slowly constricts tightening the grip with her pantyhose clad arms and legs around the fastly fading Lottie.

Trapped in the tight embrace of Blaze, whimpering Lottie is completely at her mercy enveloped as she is by the pantyhose encased Snake. Blaze runs her hand over Lottie’s neck before opening her mouth wide and delivering a long snake bite to Lottie’s neck whilst still controlling her with pantyhose clad legs.

Her prey Lottie, now completely subdued Blaze still continues to constrict around the beautiful body. The paralysed prey lies there as the Snake explores her body with pantyhose clad hands and feet, before returning to the tight embrace.

A final shorter snake bite to Lottie’s neck spells her doom as the Snake prepares to devour her prey.

Blaze wears black bra and panties fully encased in black pantyhose

Lottie LaLay wears red bra and panties

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