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SOS0330 Smother and Suffer - Kassidy destroys Ivy Rain

The legendary Kassidy makes a welcome return in style to the Sisterhood of Sin, this tall powerful woman destroys men and women with ease. Her SOS victim today is busty brunette, Ivy Rain who doesn’t even get a chance to get out of the gates as Kassidy launches at her wrapping her long ponytail around and immediately trapping her in a hand over mouth smother which has poor Ivy gasping for air.

Kassidy knees her in the midsection to make the breathing even more difficult as a panicked Ivy flails in panic at the assault.

Once Ivy is down on the mats, Kassidy sits astride her and places two big hands over Ivy’s mouth and continues to smother the smaller girl.

Not content with just smothering her, Kassidy embarks on a destructive spree combining wrestling holds such as headscissors, backbreakers, camel clutches and full nelsons with hand over mouth smothers.

In the brief respites between smothers Ivy gasps for breath, her chest heaving as she tries to suck in more air, but Kassidy is relentless and only has the complete destruction of Ivy on her mind.

Mercifully she eventually gets bored and uses her infamous split pin on an exhausted and destroyed Ivy as she smothers her once last time before she saunters up leaving a disshevelled and destroyed Ivy on the SOS mats.

Ivy Rain wears white bra and panties.

Kassidy wears a lycra leopard print stirrup catsuit

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