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SOS0331 Dark and Intense - Lara vs Davina Carrington

Sultry Italian beauty Lara makes her first appearance in the Dark and Intense series as she faces off against SOS veteran Davina Carrington.

The two women begin forehead to forehead, so close they can feel each other’s hot breath on their faces. They lock fingers in the slippery oil in a test of strength. They try to bite each other’s lip as they jockey for position to see who will go down to the oily tarp first. The sexual tension in the air is palable as the British redhead gets the raven haired Italian down first.

Oil covered hands reach for throats as they each seek to control the other as they writhe on top of each other. Lara manages to reverse positions on Davina and grapevine her and grinds on top noticing that the British woman’s moans are getting louder and is weakening her.

They choke and pull each other’s hair before exchanging a deep kiss, now Davina is on top and places a hand over Lara’s mouth smothering her and then uses her tongue to lick Lara’s lips.

Davina takes Lara’s back and coils her legs around her, causing the Italian to moan in pain, but Lara slips out and escapes trapping Davina in a camel clutch and smothering her and pulling her neck back, now it is Davina’s turn to cry out in pain.

Neither of these proud women wants to lose, and they fight it out in the slippery oil. Eventually one woman is weakened by the choking and smothering, her will weakened by the sensation of her opponent’s hands running over her body.

Her opponent chokes her out, and then gloats above and licks the losers mouth who is humiliated and humbled in defeat.

Davina Carrington wears a strappy black bra and thong

Lara wears a black bra and thong

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