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SOS0332 Wild Women - Gym Rivals - Black Belt Venom teaches white belt Davina Carrington a lesson

Black Belt instructor Venom welcomes her new student Davina Carrington to the mats in this Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women counter.

After a perfunctory introduction the blonde throws the redhead to the SOS mats in a rough introduction for the white belt to this lesson.

Venom isn’t too impressed with this student and after using the GI’s to throw Davina around and showing her a few holds decides to rank it up a notch.

She mounts and control Davina, then opens up the front of her own GI and smothers Davina with her ample breasts. Davina can only kick her feet in desperation and tries to escape.

Venom removes her GI jacket and gets Davina to do the same revealing sports bras which highlight the large busts of each woman. They continue to fight with Venom dominating a clearly frustrated Davina, the GI trousers are removed first Davina’s and then Venom’s as they carry on.

Venom toys with Davina allowing her brief moments of control, but then thwarting her efforts and mounting her, wrapping two hands around her throat, choking her.

Davina is pinned down and grapevine, and then breast smothered, she is pulled up by her hair and is put into a rear naked choke by Venom. Venom headscissors Davina and removes her belt, and begins to bind a struggling Davina’s arms.

Completely at the teacher’s mercy Davina is choked and smothered until she acknowledges that Venom is the better woman.

The two women kiss passionately and slowly grind against each other as the camera fades.

Davina Carrington wears a white GI with white belt which is removed to reveal white CK bra and thong

Venom wears a white GI with black belt which is removed to reveal black Nike bra and thong

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