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SOS0333 Unleashed - Pamela vs Davina Carrington

If ever a woman was born for the Sisterhood of Sin, it is the dominant blonde, Pamela who is finally making her SOS debut, standing in her way is veteran Davina Carrington (sporting a new short hair cut).

These two proud warrior women lock up and immediately take it to the mats pulling hair, and trying to smother each other. Davina finds herself on the bottom and resorts to grabbing one of Pamela’s large tits to try and obtain the advantage, which works as they are locked catballed together pulling each other’s hair.

Davina managed to take Pamela’s back, kissing her cheek and attempting her trademark fingers in the mouth, but Pamela has obviously scouted Davina and bites her fingers, causing Davina to call her a “Bitch!”.

Both of these women like to be dominant, and Pamela is certainly not used to being overpowered, and resorts to her catfighting heritage by constantly pulling Davina’s short hair. Davina returns the favour.

Davina applies her seduction techniques, placing her hand over Pamela’s mouth, kissing her, and when the opportunity arises tribbing Pamela from behind. This enrages Pamela who roars with anger and attacks Davina with gusto.

These two women attack his other ferociously with hairpulling, and Davina has to resort to her dirty tactics playbook mauling Pamela’s tits and pussy, as well as forcing her fingers into her mouth.

This is an out and out war, but eventually one proud woman is defeated, and suffers the indignity of being collared and leashed by a relieved and exhausted rival.

Davina Carrington wears black bra and panties

Pamela wears black bra and panties

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