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SOS0335 Smother and Suffer - Ivy Blonde vs Sheela Killer

SOS veteran Sheelakiller must have fancied her chances on the Sisterhood of Sin Italian trip, as she was paired off against novice, Ivy Blonde in this Smother and Suffer encounter.

So confident was Sheela that she allowed Ivy to apply the first smother, and unimpressed realises that she has a chance to defeat the newcomer and smother her into submission.

However Ivy is a fast learner and as these two pantyhose clad beauties are catballed together on the mats they fight for smother survival as they place hands over each other's mouth to cut off their rival’s air supply.

Everytime Sheela manages to trap Ivy in a deep hand smother, Ivy’s eyes roll back into her head as she struggles for breath.

As the battle rages on the tempo increases as both sense potential victory and defeat could face either one of them. They resort to choking and two handed smothers. Hair is pulled and they trap each other in grapevines before commencing the smothering again.

Eventually one woman is choked and smothered into submission, but is it the experienced Sheela or does Ivy Blonde upset the veteran?

Ivy Blonde wears black bra and panties with shiny pantyhose

SheelaKiller wears red bra and panties with black pantyhose

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