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SOS0337 Wild Women - The Club - Davina Carrington vs Ivy Rain

Redhead Davina Carrington and brunette Ivy Rain are no strangers to each other at the Sisterhood of Sin. In their SOS encounters Davina has proven to be more dominant, and enjoys tormenting, seducing and tantalising Ivy.

We join this Wild Women encounter in progress, and again Davina is in control pinning Ivy to the mats in a schoolgirl pin. They lock hands in a fingerlock test of strength and Davina gets Ivy to her knees and controls Ivy on the mats trapping her in an arm bar

Ivy resists as best she can but Davina is too strong and punishes Ivy with grapevines, thigh scissors, bearhugs and full nelsons.

Davina pins her in schoolgirl pins for long counts and enjoys her position on top of the brunette, once she has finished toying with Ivy, and feels that she has punished her enough she pins her down in a thigh scissor position and thrusts her pussy into Ivy’s and not only pins her, but tribs her at the same time to increase the humiliation.

Suffice to say that once again Davina is the better woman, but these two rivals will undoubtedly meet again so that Davina can enjoy her pretty plaything.

Davina Carrington wears black bra and thong

Ivy Rain wears cream bra and thong

For Davina’s and Ivy’s previous encounters see:

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