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SOS0338 Smother and Suffer - Zoe Page vs SheelaKiller

Petite blonde Sheelakiller and redhead Zoe Page are Sisterhood of Sin stalwarts and both usually find themselves on the losing end to the stronger SOS members. However, recently both have shown more dominant sides, being more competitive and ruthless.

Today they meet in a Smother and Suffer encounter and neither wants to lose. They begin and both grab each other around the throat, choking their rival and use their hands to explore the other’s body.

It’s Zoe who strikes first and places her hand over Sheela’s mouth and smothers her, as she is pinned against the wall. Sheela’s eyes widen but quickly her expression hardens as she returns the favour, pinning the redhead against the wall and smothering her in return.

They pull hair, grabs tit and choke in a feral battle as both are determined to be the victor. Their grunts and groans echo around the SOS mats as they battle.

Once it goes to the floor this see-saw competitive battle continues with both women having their moments on top as they smother each other. In the heat of this smothering war, both women begin to get aroused and this adds another dimension to the battle as now not only do they smother each other, but trib each other as well.

For one proud warrior the combination of smothering and tribbing proves too much as she cums hard from the victor’s furious tribbing and suffers another defeat, whilst the winner tastes the ecstasy of victory.

Sheelakiller wears a red lycra swimsuit

Zoe Page wears a shiny white lycra swimsuit

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