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SOS0340 Smother and Suffer - Davina Carrington takes Goddess Anastaxia

Davina Carrington and Goddess Anastaxia have had many battles at the Sisterhood of Sin, with each picking up wins against the other.

Today these two SOS powerhouses meet again in a Smother and Suffer encounter. The busty blonde takes Davina down to the mats and smothers her, mashing her big breasts into Davina’s. The short haired Davina struggles for breath as they snarl at each other as they both try to smother their opponent. Anastaxia taunts Davina, but the gloating is quickly over as Davina delivers a hand over mouth smother of her own.

Goddess Anastaxia finds herself in trouble repeatedly everytime Davina takes her back and delivers two handed smothers over her beautiful lips. It drains the energy from the powerful blonde, but Davina sensing victory continues to overwhelm Anastaxia.

Once the blonde is significantly subdued, Davina pulls her up from the mats by her hair and ties her to a chair. The bound Anastaxia can do nothing as Davina straddles her, kisses her and smothers her everytime she resists. Davina enjoys having the usually dominant Anastaxia in such a predicament and takes full advantage placing her hand over her mouth, smothering and taunting her.

In this ongoing rivalry, Davina wins this chapter and Anastaxia is powerless to resist.

Davina Carrington wears a black see through bra and thong

Goddess Anastaxia wears a leopard print bra and black thong

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