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SOS0342 Smother and Suffer - Gina Varney vs Zoe Page

Experienced Sisterhood of Sin redhead, Zoe Page takes on SOS newcomer, blonde Gina Varney who is making her debut in this Smother and Suffer encounter.

What Zoe has in experience she loses in height, weight and age against the younger challenger. Gina wastes no time in taking Zoe’s back and placing her hand over her mouth, smothering the veteran and restricting her breathing to weaken her.

The young blonde is enjoying the control and domination of Zoe, and smiles and kisses Zoe’s forehead. Zoe manages to escape gasping for air and desperately trying to get oxygen back into her lungs, she lunges for Gina and simultaneously grapevines and smother’s the bigger blonde, but Gina is too strong and easily reverses it.

Sweat pours off them from the fight as they catball, smother and wrestle around the mats. Zoe tries her best to fight off the energetic newcomer, using her wrestling and smothering experience to punish Gina every chance she gets.

But Gina learns and adapts, trapping Zoe between her long legs and smothering her. Both women are gasping for air from the relentless smothering but they continue fighting, neither wanting to lose.

Eventually one woman can take no more and after a final prolonged smother is spent on the mats while a smiling victor gloats above them, but is it the experienced redhead Zoe or is it the blonde newcomer who comes out on top?

Gina Varney wears a white bra and thong

Zoe Page wears a black bra and thong

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