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SOS0343 Wild Women - Mafia Feud - Sheela Killer vs Alba Zevon

Beautiful blonde Italian, Alba Zevon makes her Sisterhood of Sin debut in this Wild Women encounter as a Mafia Boss’s lover who has a rival portrayed by SOS regular, SheelaKiller.

The scene begins with Alba sat at her desk when there is a knock at the door, standing there is her hated rival Sheela. Alba doesn’t want to let her in but Sheela pushes her way into the apartment and the two blondes argue.

Sheela locks the door and the two women grab each other, pushing their heads together and struggling. They pull each other’s hair as they struggle against the apartment wall. They lock their fingers in a test of strength and continue fighting belly punching each other and jockeying for the advantage.

They end up on the sofa with Sheela on top as she mounts Alba pushing her down into the sofa. They claw at each other’s faces and choke each other as they fight. They fall off the sofa onto the floor and Alba lands on top choking Sheela trying to exhaust her hated rival.

They battle all over the apartment from the sofa to the wall to the floor and back again. Eventually one woman chokes her rival into submission but is it the newcomer, Alba or the experienced Sheela who wins the hand of the Mafia Boss.

Alba Zevon wears a see through bra and light blue denim jeans

Sheela Killer wears a pink negligee with black bra and thong beneath

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