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SOS0344 Unleashed - Pamela vs Lottie LaLay

Beautiful blonde fighter, Pamela returns to the Sisterhood of Sin to take on SOS sweetheart Lottie LaLay in this Wild Women Unleashed encounter and Lottie’s most erotic match yet!

The two sexy blondes are on the mats as they argue before taking it down to the mats, Lottie knows she won’t be able to overpower strong Pamela so immediately begins to grind down on her in a trib in an effort to weaken her. Pamela responds by choking Lottie and flipping her over and begins to grind down on her own.

This is a hot sexfight between these two sexy women as they trib each other hard whilst choking desperate to defeat their rival. Lottie is keen to retain her status as the sexiest blonde at the Sisterhood and put the sensational Pamela into her place.

As they tribfuck each other both women moan with plan and pleasure as they grind and pound each other’s pussies. They can feel each other’s wetness through their panties as they continue to outfuck each other, kissing each other as they do so.

This is a pure tribbing sexfight where obtaining an orgasm is their sole aim as they vigorously trib each other to ecstasy.

But which blonde will be the winner as they slam, rub and grind their wet pussies together.

Finally one woman has a massive orgasm as her rival outsexes her but will it be Pamela or Lottie who is the top blonde.

Lottie LaLay wears white bra and thong

Pamela wears a blue bra and thong

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