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SOS0346 Wild Women - Leather Thieves - Lottie LaLay vs Bambi

Alluring American, Bambi, makes her Sisterhood of Sin debut in this Wild Women encounter against SOS regular, Lottie LaLay.

Both women dressed in figure hugging leather outfits, start by frisking each other, running their hands over each other’s curves. Once they are finished they lock hands in a test of strength, and after a prolonged struggle its Lottie who is forced to her knees. They then exchange a mutual bearhug gripping tightly against the leather. Lottie forces Bambi against the wall, before they continue to struggle against each other taking every opportunity to run their hands over their rival’s leather clad form.

The air sizzles with erotic tension as it becomes obvious that these two share a mutual attraction, Lottie uses this to her advantage as she adds it into the mix to try to overpower and seduce Bambi who cannot contain the lust she feels for Lottie.

They rub their knees in between each other’s legs, the friction from the leather creating waves of pleasure, and this is mixed with sudden flare ups of violence as they use their opponent’s leather jackets to throw each other around.

They go to the floor in a catball as they scissor, bearhug and tussle with each other. They trib each other causing moans of pleasure and pain as they both fight to come out on top.

But which woman will prove the winner and seducer, new girl Bambi or the now veteran Lottie LaLay?

Bambi wears a leather jacket with leather trousers and leather boots

Lottie LaLay wears a leather body, leather trousers and leather heeled boots

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