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SOS0347 Unleashed - Lara vs Pamela

Contrasting beauties raven haired Lara and blonde Pamela are now no strangers to the Sisterhood of Sin and indeed no stranger to each other having fought across Europe, but this is the first time that they have met under SOS rules.

Dressed in lingerie in a darkened room these two experienced fighters waste no time in grabbing handfuls of each other’s hair and going down to the mats. Pamela ends up on top and mashes her large breasts into Lara’s.

Lara responds by using Pamela’s blonde locks to get her off and take her back, choking her. This is a war as they bodyscissor, headscissor, camel clutch and slap each other. Neither of these proud women likes to lose and they both punish each other.

They place their hands over each other’s mouths, smothering each other, and make liberal use of hairpulling to control their opponent. Pamela fish hooks Lara pushing her fingers deep into her mouth.

This is a see-saw battle which rages across the mats as each does their best to defeat their hated rival. The smothering and choking becomes more intense until one proud woman is trapped in a grapevine whilst simultaneously choked and smothered into submission.

The winner then humiliates the loser by making her endure kissing as the winner smiles and gloats.

But will it be the busty blonde Pamela or the sultry raven haired Lara who is defeated on their first SOS Unleashed encounter?

Lara wears a black bra and thong

Pamela wears a yellow bra and thong

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