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SOS0348 Wild Women - The Club - Storm vs Miss Emily

Two powerful Sisterhood of Sin powerhouses test their strength in the Club as veteran Storm takes on strong girl newcomer Miss Emily in this SOS Wild Women encounter.

Before the combat commences both women compare bodies and Storm can’t help but be impressed by Miss Emily’s thick thighs and impressive biceps, but Storm is vastly more experienced.

They lock hands in a marathon test of strength which sees each blonde strong girl in trouble as they exert tremendous force to try to overpower their opponent. At points both women are slammed against the wall or have their wrists contorted but are able to resist being defeated.

Each competitor’s face is contorted in pain and focus as neither proud warrior wants to admit that their opponent is stronger. This is without a doubt the longest test of strength we have ever filmed so evenly matched and with great endurance are Miss Emily and Storm.

With neither able to win, they go to the mats and clasp their vice like thighs around their opponents and wrap strong arms around each other in a muscle catball as they roll around the mats. Again they are evenly matched and the battle see-saws with first Storm and then Miss Emily obtaining the advantage . Their tired and weary muscles ache from the drawn out battle and exertion.

Eventually one woman simply outlasts their opponent who grudgingly is pinned down to the mats and is too exhausted to push her rival off.

Will experienced Storm be able to upset the powerful rookie Miss Emily or will the physique of Miss Emily prove too much for Storm?

Miss Emily wears a black lycra sports bra and thong

Storm wears a black CK lycra sports bra and thong

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