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SOS0350 Wild Women - Leather Thieves - Goddess Anastaxia vs Storm

Two powerful Sisterhood of Sin veterans clash in as two rival leather clad thieves who meet on the SOS mats. Goddess Anastaxia and Storm are dominant blondes who are evenly matched.

They first frisk each other, patting down their leather clad forms to ensure a fair fight. Both women look confident as they lock up in finger locked test of strength. These two have met before and are no strangers to each other and are evenly matched in power, muscle and beauty.

When neither is able to gain the advantage they have a brief standing arm wrestle before Storm manages to trap Anastaxia from behind in a tight bearhug causing her to cry out in pain, but she escapes and returns the favour lifting Storm from her feet, before they lock up in a further test of strength.

The battle rages on with further tests of strength, and they appear evenly matched although Storm appears to be inflicting the most damage when they exchange bearhugs, but it is an incredibly close battle.

Eventually Storm takes Anastaxia down to the mats and they become embroiled in a tight catball, completely interlocked, a complete tangle of arms and legs as they roll across the mats trying to gain the advantage.

They bear hug each other and lock strong thighs around their opponent’s legs in tight thigh scissors crushing each other in an attempt to destroy. Anastaxia spreads Storm wide in a grapevine, but only momentarily as Storm uses a thigh scissors of her own to weaken her busty leather clad rival.

They resort to choking each other to try and gain an advantage and wrap their muscled legs in bodyscissors and headscissors. Their skin glistens with sweat from the exertion of the combat and the hot leather.

Finally one proud blonde warrior has no choice but to surrender whilst trapped beneath her rival with a forearm over her throat.

The sweaty victor saunters off leaving the loser sprawled on the mats in defeat.

Both Anastaxia and Storm wear leather jackets, leather trousers and leather boots

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