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SOS0352 Smother and Suffer - Eva Ray vs Lottie LaLay

Sisterhood of Sin sweetheart, Lottie LaLay battles SOS debutante petite redhead Eva Ray in this hotly contested Smother and Suffer battle.

These two waste no time in getting to grips with each other and smothering each other with hands over the mouth from the off. Lottie strikes first, but Eva Ray shows she is not here to make up the numbers by returning the favour.

They fall to the mats, and continue to smother each other with Eva Ray sitting high on Lottie’s chest preventing her from escaping, but Lottie is determined not to be humiliated by this upstart newcomer and reverses it, restricting Eva Ray’s ability to breathe.

They fight and catball all over the mats trapping each other in scissorholds and relentlessly smothering their opponent to weaken them, its a volatile match-up with both Eva Ray and Lottie in trouble at times as they try to smother their rival to defeat.

Both combatants' faces go red as they struggle to get oxygen into their lungs from the relentless smothering attacks.

Eva Ray manages to trap Lottie from behind, wrapping her legs around the blonde from behind and placing a hand over her mouth, as Lottie desperately tries to escape. Just as it looks like it’s curtains for Lottie she manages to power out and get atop the smaller girl and smothers her, at times using both her hands.

But is it enough to subdue the feisty Latvian sexpot?

Eva Ray wears a see through red bra and thong

Lottie LaLay wears a black see through bra and thong

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